A Longitudinal Study of Graduates from a Competency-Based Education (CBE) Program from First Enrollment in College through Post-Baccalaureate Outcomes


This project examines the various learning journeys, including, transitions, stop outs, and completions of students enrolled in a CBE program.

Key research questions include:

  • Who are these students and how do they compare to claims about who does and does not complete a college degree?
  • What motivated these students to return to school and why did they choose a CBE program?
  • What are the learning journeys they followed from first entry into college through to graduation?
  • What barriers and supports do they report having encountered in these journeys in general and in their CBE program in particular?
  • What personal, professional, and community outcomes do they attribute to their CBE experience?


Research questions will be answered using data from a cohort of 21 students enrolled in a CBE program, focusing on the 17 that graduated. The study design is a qualitative, longitudinal study which includes analysis of interviews, transcripts, and writing samples.



Michelle Navarre Cleary, College Unbound